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Electronic Claims

Electronic Claims
Our office utilizes electronic claims processing.  This means that rather than sending your dental claim through the mail, it is sent electronically to your insurance company, transmitting information more efficiently and with fewer errors.  This benefits you with a quicker response time from your insurance company.  On your behalf, we are happy to submit your dental claims. Please always remember though, we are here to provide dental treatment.  The relationship you have between you and your insurance company is unique to you. Ultimately, we are a small business that relies on compensation for services to be a viable entity. We are happy to “help” you maximize your insurance benefits, but ultimately you are responsible for making sure your balance is paid. So, if your insurance “denies” or “disputes” charges, you have to remember that that contract is between you and them, and should not penalize us should they want to back out of their duties to you.
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